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Styrene Butadiene Styrene-SBS

Our company offers Styrene Butadiene Styrene-SBS, a highly specialised elastomeric material used in numerous industrial applications. It has a reputation for having exceptional resistance to UV radiation, chemical attack, and abrasion. Also, our product has exceptional dimensional stability and is particularly resistant to compression set. The aforementioned compound is often used in the production of cables, wires, and adhesives. Styrene Butadiene Styrene-SBS is frequently used for applications requiring a high service temperature, processing stability, and UV resistance. When basic moulding equipment and technologies are employed, it can be recycled and aids in lowering processing costs.

Europrene SOL T 6414

SBS 3411 Globalprene

High-grade SBS 3411 globalprene, a highly specialised elastomeric substance used for a variety of industrial applications, is provided by our organisation. It is known for having extraordinary resistance to abrasion, chemical attack, and UV radiation. Our product also has outstanding dimensional stability and is especially resilient to compression set. The given compound is frequently employed in the manufacture of adhesives, cables, and wires. Applications requiring a high service temperature, processing stability, and UV resistance are frequently found with SBS 3411 globalprene. It can be recycled and helps to reduce processing costs when simple moulding tools and technology are used.

Styrene Butadiene Styrene 501s


SOL T 6302 Europrene

Backed with a team of professionals we are able to offer SOL T 6302 Europrene. This is used in bitumen modification application and particularly in road paving. Our offered polymer has gained demand due to its high strength and elasticity, combined with good dispersability and processability. Apart from that, SOL T 6302 Europrene is also used in compounding for both footwear and technical goods, and in adhesive applications.

SBS LG 411 Synthetic Rubber

With the help of our team of professionals, we are able to provide top quality SBS LG 411 Synthetic Rubber, which is a thermoplastic elastomer made with two monomers. This rubber finds usage in adhesives, shoe and footwear and rubber goods. SBS LG 411 Synthetic Rubber finds usage in sealants, gasket materials, hotmelt adhesives, rubber bands and toy products.